7 years ago


Treslovechic Top // Blue Cardigan from Tarad.com // Skinni_Socute Shorts // EMODA Shoes

This is definitely the year of the high waist shorts (esp. in white). Spring, summer, fall, winter, everyone’s wearing it. I love this rose print top too - Florals are such fun to style! This top instantly makes this outfit all fun and sweet at the same time.

I don’t really like to wear cardigans actually - it’s REALLY hot in Bangkok now! And of course, I wanna show off my FIT arms hehehe. No more ‘byebye arms’ :D

But the weather’s been really erratic these days - suddenly a huge thunderstorm will come out of nowhere.. luckily, I have a soft, snugly cardi to keep me warm :) Stay safe and dry, friends!

I completed the whole look with my favourite shoes from EMODA. Love this design loads, it looks so casual and yet playful hehehehe.

I hope you like this outfit. It’s my favourite day look :D


ootd emoda