6 years ago

Back to the piazza

The Special Dress Floral Dress // BCBG Shoes
Location : Primo Piazza Khaoyai

Amongst all the season, winter is my favourite. Especially when it's sunny in winter :) In Thailand, there are surprisingly the four seasons and it can get as low as 20 degrees!

My dream place to enjoy winter is at Khao Yai, especially Primo Piazza which is the Italy of Thailand!

Primo Piazza means the first square. I love this place sooooo much - great cafeterias, gelaterias and the cutest alpacas!

I am wearing here my current favourite floral dress. I like how it instantly makes me look taller (I'm only 165cm in real life) and the way the skirt flows, I feel like a princess already!

Photos by Zachary Yong